The mission of AMS is to help shops improve profitability by making the blueprinting and repair processes as efficient as possible. We also want to improve communication between the shop and insurance companies.  In past years, the collision repair industry has had to deal with competitive laser scanners drifting out of calibration with no indicator alerting the technician to this serious problem.

Out of calibration issues cost the shop time, money, and are potential liability issues. AMS has designed and patented the first laser measuring system that continuously monitors calibration. In the rare instance system monitoring circuitry senses a pending calibration problem, it will alert the technician before a problem occurs. Eclipse™ can then be calibrated in place under the vehicle in minutes, using our patented calibration process. 

As the industry progresses in best practices for repair processes and techniques, Advanced Measurement Systems, Inc. will lead the way offering cutting edge technology at an affordable price.